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Optimizing Strategic Initiatives to Maximize Success!


Enterprizer® Consulting Services

Our consulting teams interact with clients and subject-matter experts in workshops and individualized sessions, to assess and prioritize strategic initiatives. Whether new policies or programs, services or products, alliances or treaties, we help to optimize your strategic ‘deliverables’ and maximize success.


Focusing on your high-priority challenges, we work with you in a workshop environment or individualized sessions with your executives and policy-makers, analysts, managers and consultants.

Together, we assess and prioritize strategic initiatives under both the current state and any desired future-state. We then optimize them, under various threat/opportunity scenarios.

Delivered at the client site under strict confidentiality, these workshops/sessions provide insights into the success potential of existing and new initiatives, resulting in optimized strategies and plans for improvement and implementation. The goal is to maximize the success of all your initiatives while ensuring that any low-scoring, still ‘half-baked’ ones are improved or discarded rather than slip through and fail.

Up to ten initiatives are addressed during a typical 4-6 weeks assignment, commencing with a 3-5-day workshop, thus providing immediate value and benefits.

The Key Benefits and Outcomes

  • In-context decisions with demonstrable rationale

  • Timely resolution of diverse stakeholders’ interests

  • Optimized prescriptions for improvement and implementation

  • Demonstrable impact on achievement of goals

  • Easy mid-stream course correction and avoidance of investments in dead-ends

  • Agreement on critical success factors – with measurable and actionable attributes

  • Systematic evaluation of risks and benefits

  • Transparency, thus helping to ‘depoliticize’ the decision-making process

Enterprizer® Consulting Projects

Our experiences to date have shown that Enterprizer® Consulting Projects ‘thrive’ in environments with often-conflicted stakeholders and a wide range of success/risk parameters, enabling our clients to tackle high priority challenges thoroughly, quickly and efficiently. We typically interact with our clients in workshops and individualized sessions, to harness collective knowledge and wisdom.


Summaries of some of the projects we have delivered: 

Foreign Policy Planning – Middle East Roadmap Model:

This policy planning solution was a privately funded initiative aimed at supporting policy-makers in the design, assessment and implementation of optimised strategies for various policy options. Enterprizer® was used to create a multi-dimensional ‘Middle East Roadmap Model’ in an environment of multiple conflicted stakeholders. The model represented the critical success factors and positions or standards that were desired or mandated by the stakeholders. Populated with research and intelligence findings, this Enterprizer Consulting solution generated ‘success scores’ that provided new insights and offered optimised strategies for implementation under various scenarios. The solution model addressed multiple dimensions, such as: ‘Security’, ‘Economic Development’, ‘Education and Culture’, and ‘Natural Resources’. 


Threats to National Security:

Extensive multi-faceted research into potential threats facing military units deployed overseas has yielded a voluminous report that could not easily support the formulation of clear strategies for prevention and response. Viewed as ‘un-actionable’, this costly report was about to be shelved. However, in a timely introduction of Enterprizer services, we utilised the key research findings to construct a conceptual model of the various threat scenarios likely to be faced at that deployment. 


Assessing & Prioritizing Strategic Initiatives/Projects in Banking and Financial Services:

A major bank had to assess and prioritize investment in multiple development and infrastructure project initiatives. The bank’s senior management team were faced with competing initiatives vying for attention and intensely competing for funding and scarce resources. Rejecting ‘business as usual’ the bank’s executive vice president sought an innovative approach that can demonstrate a ‘level playing field’ for assessment, enable systematic evaluation of each initiative and the determination of its potential success and contribution to the achievement of the bank’s strategic goals. Working with the key stakeholders and participants, we used Enterprizer® Consulting Tools to create a model that represented multiple strategic, financial and technology parameters, and populated it with initiative- and project-specific data and research findings.  Link to paper.


Management of Strategic Alliances:

Responding to Europe-wide needs defined by the European Commission’s Information Society Directorate, we have formed a consortium with a renowned French business school and a Dutch technical university to research the multitude of factors that determine success of strategic alliances between ‘innovation-producing’ small and medium enterprises and ‘innovation-consuming’ large/global companies. 

International Policy Planning – Iran Policy Options:

Key Middle East ‘stakeholder countries’ – Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE – were excluded from the negotiations that led to the signing in Vienna, on July 14 2015, of ‘JCPOA’ (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). This so called Iran Nuclear Deal has galvanized these pragmatic stakeholder countries and some of the principal signatories, including the EU, UK and USA, to amend key JCPOA elements or replace the entire agreement. Link to presentation.

About Enterprizer® Consulting

Enterprizer® Consulting has been proven in a variety of enterprises, markets and cultures, in addressing challenges and meeting strategic objectives. Delivered within weeks, depending on scope and complexity, our services support managers and consultants, executives and policy makers/analysts in:


  • Planning – products, services, policies, enterprises

  • Comparing alternative scenarios representing current- and future-state(s)

  • Gaining new insights for improvement and innovation

  • Reaching in-context decisions – prioritization and trade-off

  • Generating optimized strategies & roadmaps for implementation

  • Strategically managing portfolios of initiatives/projects

  • Achieving buy-in from the stakeholders 


Since 1997 we have been providing strategy consulting projects that focus on high priority challenges in a variety of commercial, governmental and international enterprises – in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Israel, and Southern Africa. These projects supported executives and policy makers, managers and consultants, in developing strategic initiatives that meet a wide variety of challenges. In crafting client-specific solutions, we utilize proprietary Enterprizer® Consulting Tools to design, assess and optimise initiatives, and support clients in prioritization and implementation decisions. 

The Enterprizer® Consulting Team

Enterprizer® Consulting is proud to have a team of seasoned strategy consultants with diverse backgrounds and global experiences. We work with you to ensure that you meet challenges with speed and confidence, secure buy-in from the stakeholders, and provide context and rationale for your decisions. Our engagement demonstrates results in days or weeks, not months or years!

Working with you in a workshop environment, we assess and prioritize the initiatives that demonstrate the highest success potential, under various scenarios. We then prioritize the highest scoring initiatives as well as improve any low-scoring ‘pet’ initiatives, presenting individual and comparative ‘success scores’, developing with you optimized strategies for improvement and implementation.

Throughout the process we are supported by powerful Enterprizer® consulting tools and a knowledge base of more than 500 models developed since 1997, in a wide variety of domains and organizations – in the EU, Egypt, Israel, southern Africa, China, the Caribbean, the UK and the USA.

Joseph Bitran

Founder & Strategic Modeling Consultant 

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With a background in analysis and design of complex systems, Joe has extensive International experience in marketing and design of software-driven solutions in business, government, education & training, and military enterprises. Joe’s experience spans a variety of financial, information, industrial and governmental enterprises, having lived and worked in the USA, UK, southern Africa and Israel, including careers with the Bank of Scotland and US-based Control Data Corporation, and many assignments in other countries and cultures.

Johanan Bithan

Senior eBusiness Strategy Consultant 

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Johanan has more than 35 years of experience in executive and operational management consulting, focusing on strategic planning and implementation of information technology initiatives in various market sectors, such as Banking, Telecommunications and Government. His expertise covers organizational development, systems design & management of major projects worldwide. Johanan led a major Enterprizer Consulting assignment for Bank Leumi that resulted in successful assessment, prioritization of optimization of over 40 IT strategic projects

Alicia Dugan

Senior Public Policy Strategy Consultant 

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Alicia is a seasoned consultant in government relations and public policy advocacy. Her portfolio consists of engagement in grassroots/grass tops advocacy, representing corporate clients’ public policy interests before third party organizations. Alicia’s current focus is strategy solutions for government and the military. She is also President of United Council for Middle East Security & Prosperity (UCOMSP), based in the Washington DC area. Over the past 15 years Alicia has represented and supported her clients’ federal public policy interests through advocacy by developing long-term relationships with key stakeholders to achieve legislative and regulatory policy successes. 

Robert Krause

Senior Foreign Policy Strategy Consultant

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Dr Krause has been engaged in international business and policy development for over thirty years. His business and policy development experience started in 1974, when he developed the model for successful industrial cooperation agreements between American firms and Soviet state enterprises first with the American Embassy in Moscow and later with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). As a senior USAID consultant engaged in Georgia in 2004, Dr Krause established the private industry reform groups for petroleum, tobacco, and alcohol to help the new Government of Georgia to combat smuggling and increase excise tax revenues. Dr Krause earned a B.A. with honors in international relations and economics (Cornell University) and a Ph.D. in international business transactions (Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts & Harvard Universities).

Khurshed F Birdie

Senior IT Strategy Consultant 

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Khursh has over 30 years of experience in the information systems field. He has been introducing and managing change and implementing cutting-edge technologies in numerous large, global financial organizations. Khurshed holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Karachi University and an MBA (Finance and Computer Applications / IS majors) from the New York University.

Joseph Donlan

Senior Strategy Consultant 

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Joe has more than Thirty years of strategic consulting within manufacturing, Aviation, Life Sciences, Medical, Automotive, Oil and Gas, and Banking and Government. Of particular strength and note are his management skills and his ability to break down complex problems into manageable, solvable components. He is equally adept in facilitating Executive Workshops, integral to every Enterprizer-driven project. His unique ability enables him to quickly analyze the full scope of a task, build in the proper parameters for the Enterprizer system and help clients reach thoroughly informed and balanced decisions in remarkably short periods of elapsed time.

John Loucks

Senior Strategy Consultant 

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John Loucks has extensive experience in Federal-level strategic planning, Combined and Joint concept and doctrine development, Organizational development planning, business transformation consulting, project integration, and project management.  He served in the US Air Force for over 26 years.  His final military assignment was as the Director of the HQ USAF Executive Secretariat.  In that capacity, his main responsibility was as a business transformation change agent.  John currently assists US military Veterans and their spouses in finding employment outside the military.